Westfalia Auto Code

Auto-Code-Handset-black_smallWe are now using the Westfalia Auto Code tool to correctly code your vehicle. This allows your vehicle’s TSP (Trailer Stability Program) function to be activated and works alongside the ESP (Electronic Stability Program) to allow safer towing. This means that all of your vehicles electrics (parking sensors, reversing lights etc) work effectively alongside your new towbar.

This is a sizeable advance in our levels of technical expertise, Top 2 Tow owner, Adrian Stirland states “this is a major addition to our technical capability and the level of service we can offer our customers. For the first time we can quickly and easily wire any approved towbar to virtually any vehicle”. This allows us to provide the highest quality tow bars, with the highest quality installation and service at competitive prices.

Westfalia have many years experience into the research and development of towing solutions and are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of towbars and vehicle specific wiring kits. Westfalia work closely with a number of the world’s leading motor vehicle manufacturers to develop Vehicle Specific Wiring Kits. Vehicle specific wiring kits provide the ultimate peace of mind in terms of both safety and reliability. When you have fitted a vehicle specific wiring kit you can easily and simply activate the vehicles towing features using AutoCode.

csm_westfalia-70a-battery-support-unit_3b819cafd3In addition to the Auto Code Tool we have recently started using the Westfalia Battery Support Unit and Charger. This has been specifically developed to provide towbar fitters and vehicle technicians with additional security when coding and working on vehicles.

A flat battery when coding can result in the vehicle module losing its coding, with very limited options to write back the data. This can be a very expensive error. Coding of some vehicles can require as much as 40 to 50 Amps. If the battery is not fully charged before the coding commences, there is a very real chance that the battery will go flat.

The Westfalia Battery Support Unit and Charger can be pre-set to a specific operating voltage and then, crucially, regulates this voltage irrespective of current draw variations or surges which may occur during the programming operation.

Supplied complete with a comprehensive Owner’s Manual with full details about how to use the unit together with safety information.